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One Way Properties began in 2012 in the condominium rental business in McAllen, Texas. The company is propelling quickly into a successful player in the small multifamily rental property niche. Our target market is value-add small multifamily apartment buildings that provide great price-to-value homes to dozens of tenants; all while generating attractive returns for One Way Properties’ investors and partners. 
The company is also in the real estate wholesaling arena, which inherently involves 1) consistently finding the best deals under the selected criteria and great markets through filtering lists of properties and getting the best price for motivated sellers in an effort to create the win-win-win combination, and 2) selling or assigning the contract to potential flippers, investors, or direct buyer-owner at retail.

Juan Carlos Gastelum | President

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One Way offers an unbeatable value proposition in apartment rentals and the best customer experience in the single family home wholesaling business.

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Our Brand

One Way has built a recognizable brand for both tenants and investors alike; particularly for tenants who are seeking a safe, convenient, and comfortable space to call home at a great value and price point.

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For investors, One Way is a reputable and trustworthy venue to increase their wealth, while having a quick and transparent reference of the underlying financials.

Our Team

One Way is quickly becoming a well-known great place to work and be associated with. Our core values, work ethic and business culture has enabled us to attract great talent and solid partnerships.


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